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Echo Base #48: Generations of Heroes and Villains

Chris February 29, 2016

This week we look back at the heroes and villains of the two existing trilogies and look forward at what may be to come in the current trilogy. Full Report

Echo Base #47: A Legendary Possibility

Chris February 28, 2016

Chris and Erik discuss a certain someone rumored to possibly show up in future episodes of Rebels. Is it wise to bring in Legends characters? And if so, which ones would work and which wouldn't? Full Report

Echo Base #46: Off the Beaten Path

Erik February 2, 2016

The Force Awakens has been an overwhelming success in every way. It's pretty safe to say Rogue One will be also... or is it? It's the first spin-off, the first with a different tone, and the first without the iconic main characters. What kind of struggles will it face? How will Lucasfilm handle the marketing and merchandising? And perhaps most importantly, how will the mainstream audience deal with a non-Skywalker Star Wars film? Full Report

Echo Base #45: Beyond the Sea

Erik January 26, 2016

When Disney announced the "Star Wars Day at Sea" for their cruise line, we all wondered what was involved and whether it'd be worth it. Lou went on the inaugural voyage and has returned with a full report! Full Report

Echo Base #44: A Closer Look

Erik January 15, 2016

While Lou's off stranded in the middle of the ocean, Erik and Chris take a closer look at The Force Awakens (and Rebels too!) and address questions submitted by the listeners. How did Rey know about the Force? Is Rebels bringing in too many familiar faces? Join us as we address these questions and many more here at Echo Base! Full Report

Echo Base #43: A New Era

Erik January 8, 2016

The new era of Star Wars begins! We start the new year by addressing a listener question, looking at the box office numbers so far, and reflecting on the resounding success of The Force Awakens, as well as taking a look forward to Rogue One. Come celebrate this new era with us at Echo Base! Full Report

Echo Base #42: And So It Begins!

Erik December 24, 2015

Welcome to the new era of Star Wars! In the first of what are to be many discussions of The Force Awakens, we dive into what at least one of our hosts thinks may be his favorite film of the whole saga! Full Report

Echo Base #41: Last Moments Before the New Era

Erik December 10, 2015

Next week we're entering a new era. In 1983, the cinematic Star Wars story ended. Yes, the prequels brought a new beginning, but the end of the story remained. We're about to enter an era with no defined ending. But in these last moments of the current era, we look back upon our most memorable moments leading up to now as we reflect back upon the past year. Full Report

Echo Base #40: Confront Your Fear

Erik December 9, 2015

As excited as we are about The Force Awakens, many of us have some anxiety. Even Daisy Ridley recently talked about her "overwhelming fear." This week we look at some of the concerns people have about the film, ranging from its director to its box office performance to its reception by the press. Full Report


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