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News Archives:
ForceCast Special: A Conversation with Andy Mangels (Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction)
Posted by Justin on June 28, 2015 at 10:57 AM CST

Paul Hermann sits down with the writer of one of his favorite Star Wars stories, Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction, for a conversation about what went into writing the popular bounty hunter tale. Along the way they discuss the character's history, Andy's incredible love of Fett, and the best way to tackle the rumored Boba Fett Anthology Film. Full Report
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ForceCast #356: Caleb No More!
Posted by Justin on June 21, 2015 at 10:08 AM CST

Justin speaks with the fan behind the awesome and emotional webcomic Green Leader before being joined by Megan, John, and Paul for a discussion about Issue #3 of Kanan: The Last Padawan.

Then Alexander Freed, author of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company swings by to talk with Justin about bringing authenticity to the galaxy far, far away. Full Report
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ForceCast 355: The Wife and Kids
Posted by Justin on June 7, 2015 at 09:05 AM CST

Marvel's Star Wars comics continue to become almost required reading for fans. They released a trifecta of amazing issues this Wednesday that expanded and enriched the galaxy far, far away in ways unexpected and unexpectedly touching.

Join us for a deep dive into the characters, the stories, and how much these events have affected the way we view Star Wars. Full Report
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ForceCast 354: I Want My Star Wars TV!
Posted by Justin on May 31, 2015 at 08:05 AM CST

Star Wars TV. What once was only a fan dream now seems like a likely possibility in light of recent remarks made by Disney chairman Bob Iger. We speculate on what such a channel would look like and discuss whether or not it’s a good move for the franchise.

We’ll also talk the revelation of Supreme Leader Snoke, Andy Serkis’ just confirmed role in Star Wars The Force AwakensFull Report
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ForceCast Interview- Kevin Yost: Trailer Tailor
Posted by Justin on May 25, 2015 at 01:00 PM CST

With only three weeks left until fans everywhere get to see the first episode of Star Wars Rebels' second season, Justin Bolger talks to Lucasfilm editor Kevin Yost, the man behind the show’s exciting trailer that debuted at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

Together they discuss the process of creating something that whets the appetite of Star Wars fandom, the artistry of trailer construction, and the gratitude Kevin felt from watching thousands of people react to his creation.

Speed up the wait for Rebels by twenty minutes and listen to an interview that will add an extra level of appreciation for a trailer you’re already in love with. Full Report
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ForceCast 353: See You in the Sarlacc Pit!
Posted by Justin on May 24, 2015 at 10:01 AM CST

With a Boba Fett Star Wars Anthology film all but certain, we discuss our hopes and fears for a big screen bounty hunter tale. Plus, Justin talks with the fans behind the upcoming documentary The Prequels Strike Back and we answer a listener email that forces us to take another look at the characterization in Marvel's Princess LeiaFull Report
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ForceCast #352: Comics Catch-Up
Posted by Erik on May 17, 2015 at 09:00 AM CST

The House of Ideas relocated to a galaxy far, far away in January and hasn’t looked back. This week, we’re diving in to Marvel’s four Star Wars series and giving our opinions. What’s working? What could be better? Are these series worthy of being canon? Plus, Justin talks with filmumentarian Jamie Benning about his latest Star Wars project “Blast It Biggs, Where Are You?”

All this and Around the HoloNet in this week’s ForceCast! Full Report
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