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Sabacc Table #5: Interview With Steve Horvath
Posted by Erik on August 26, 2013 at 09:00 AM CST:

This week we've got an interview you don't want to miss! Steve Horvath, Senior Vice President of Communications and Digital Business from Fantasy Flight Games, joins us to talk about GenCon, upcoming products, his personal experiences with Star Wars, and more!

Show Notes:
  • News
    • Star Wars: Force Collection iOS game coming September 4th.

  • Interview: Steve Horvath from Fantasy Flight Games
    • General
      • About Steve
      • About FFG
      • Conventions
      • The creative process and licensing
    • The Star Wars Card Game (LCG)
      • Starting over
      • Objective sets
      • "Balance of the Force"
      • "Edge of Darkness"
    • X-Wing Miniatures
      • Scale
      • Huge Ships
      • Wave 3
      • Wave 4
      • Epic Tournaments
      • Cinematic Play/Campaigns
      • Future possibilities
    • The Roleplaying Game
      • Price and availability for the Age of Rebellion beta
      • Availability for future Specialization Decks
    • Fan Questions
      • Card-only X-Wing expansions? (pilot and upgrade cards only)
      • Expanded or deluxe expansions for X-Wing?
      • Designing objective sets with epic characters for the card game
      • Why is Boba Fett terrible?
      • The card game tournament scoring system
      • What's Steve's most memorable RPG moment?
      • What upcoming FFG Star Wars product is Steve most looking forward to?

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