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Listener Mailbag: September 17, 2012

Posted by Eric on September 17, 2012 at 11:26 AM CST

In this week's mailbag, our listeners share stories from Celebration VI and beyond!


A Custom Star Wars Engagement Ring

Hello there,

I wanted to share the custom engagement ring I had made for my now-fiance, Shawndra Gilliam. I proposed by asking, "Will you build an Empire with me?"

The ring was designed by VaLaJewelry. I asked for it to be based on the Empire cog, and she was also inspired by the Droid Control Ships for the outer ring.

She asked my permission and the ring is available for all Star Wars fans now. :)

All the best,

Dan Robinson (JediDan)
Whitefish, Montana


Meeting Dave Filoni

Hey ForceCast,

Just chiming in again with a quick note on my experience with Dave Filoni at CVI.

I had met Dave at CV as part of the Jedi Master Meet and Greet where he signed the exclusive Cad Bane print. This time I had to work for my autograph with Dave. After the Dark Horse panel ended at 2pm, I immediately headed to the Dark Horse booth on the show floor knowing that Dave was signing at 3pm.

I recall that, on a ForceCast back in June 2011, Jimmy Mac said that if you want something at these cons you have to work for it but you will get it. That IS solid advice! I also waited four hours for The Clone Wars premiere and was treated to Sam Witwer's autograph on the red carpet, so determination and tenacity are your allies! :)

Anyhow, I digress. Back to my story. I got to the Dark Horse booth expecting a HUGE line and there was only one other fan. So I waited with sore feet for an hour. Dave was a bit delayed, but his assistant Megan came and told the Dark Horse rep, so I figured it wouldn't be too long a wait.

Anyhow, not too long after that, Dave arrived, plopped on his trademark hat, and began signing!

My time with him was brief, but I managed to get off a quick question. I asked him if we would see the Eta Delta Jedi Starfighters that are in the beginning of Episode 3 as Anakin & Obi-Wan "waterfall" over the top of the Republic cruiser. He paused and said make sure you come to The Clone Wars panel on Saturday. I shook his hand and gave him the thumbs-up! Of course those starfighters showed up in the Season 5 trailer!! :)

Once again, a super nice guy, always making time for the fans! So glad I waited! Meeting up with Dave has become a Celebration tradition of mine!


Faithful ForceCast listener,

Will Melay from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada


A Celebration VI Story

I know this is fairly long, bear with me, and excuse any typos as I’m writing this fairly quickly - lots of Star Wars emotions and thoughts running through me this fine day. So, I’m sitting here at my desk job, trying to stay awake as I edit copy that I’d written previously (pretty mindless work), and I decided to treat myself to some Force Cast goodness. I gotta say that listening to your post-CVI thoughts is a real treat (I’m still listening to it now as I write this), and as someone who attended the show and chose to put Filoni and The Clone Wars above all else, getting to listen to pieces from McDiarmid and Kevin Smith’s shows means a lot to me. I, like all of us, live for the Wars, after all,and it sucks to have to pick and choose among SO MUCH amazing content.

I digress, though. You guys put out the call for some Celebration stories, so here are a couple short ones. At the Red Carpet premiere, I spotted Dee Baker shuffling his way behind the curtain, and I had promised myself I’d meet him (I did not, unfortunately) and get him to do the Perry the Platypus “voice” for me. Donning my Indy fedora and fully aware of the fact I'd probably not meet him this time as I did at CV, I promptly yelled out, “Agent P!” and he heard me and looked appreciatively in my direction That was honestly a very profound moment for me. Small and stupid, but I got him to look – victory! Haha. Of course, then there was the moment we all sang to him and he almost lost it on stage. Who wasn’t teary-eyed during that moment?

I must say, however, that THE absolute best experience of the whole shebang was Filoni’s storytelling “lecture” in the Star Wars University. I got there early, nabbed a front row seat, and let me tell you…it was amazing to get to be that close to the guy as he drew for us and spoke to us about personal experiences (such as almost being killed in a car accident in college) and Star Wars inside jokes. I admire the hell out of the guy, and for an hour, myself and 199 other people got to feel like he was speaking directly to us. That was simply…beyond words, and only further solidified my adoration for Mr. Filoni. I didn’t get to meet him like I did at CV (right outside YOUR studio booth, mind you), but this was just as awesome in my book.

So, those are my stories. Jason, Jimmy -- may the Force be with you.

Michael Fletcher


Getting Jake Lloyd's Autograph at CVI

Hey Jason & Jimmy,

Just dropping a quick line to talk a little about my autograph with Jake Lloyd at Celebration VI.

Based on all the interviews I've heard with Jake, he seems somewhat disgruntled with his Star Wars fame, from his time at college to the fans themselves. It would seem his experience in George's universe has left a negative impression on the young man.

So quite honestly I didn't know what to expect from him. So on the morning of the 2nd day of celebration my girlfriend and I approached his table to get his autograph on a glossy print newly purchased from official pix.

Before I could get his autograph, two R2 builders had approached him to sign the inside of one of their R2 units. I managed to snap a pic as well.

After they were done, I went up to Jake and we started chatting. He hasn't changed that much at all; I can see still young Anakin in him. He was very quiet and shy but I tried to make him at ease. I told him my favorite performances from TPM were his and Liam's. He seemed to like that and I asked him what it was like working with Liam Neeson. He said he was a "sweet heart", looking out for him in the hot Tatooine sun. He mentioned he was very kind.

I also mentioned that I had heard stories of him and Warwick Davis hanging out on set and he told me stories of them hanging out by the pool and pulling pranks on the other actors. Very funny stuff, which he seemed to enjoy.

At this point I didn't want to keep him too long, so I thanked him and shook his hand and that was that!

I walked away extremely pleased and happy with the autograph (see attached). To me, I have such fond memories of TPM, and the photo I had signed brings me back to the summer of '99 and to the excitement I had for that film and what lay ahead! Jake embodied that excitement, and as I said to my girlfriend: I'm so glad I had that chance to meet him. :) Much like you guys have said, TPM is my sentimental favorite of the Prequels!

Hopefully I was able to convey my appreciation to him!


Faithful ForceCast listener,

Will Melay from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada


CVI Was A Relief

Hi Jason and Jimmy Mac, my name is Rusty and I live in the Cincinnati area with my wife and two young daughters. CVI was my first Celebration, though I've been a fan of the Wars since seeing it on the big screen in 1977 as a 9 year old. I want to take an opportunity to sincerely thank you for your podcast and specifically these latest episodes recounting CVI.

The panels and exhibits were incredible and meeting so many of the key players in the Star Wars universe like Dave Filoni, Tom Kane, and yes, Mr. Jimmy Mac at the ForceCast party, left me a bit star-struck. I imagine I looked much like a tourist in NYC for the first time. I was truly in my element and it was one of the greatest vacations I've ever had.

Here's the reason for my email and my thanks. I'm the kind of person that obsesses and stresses over his job, sometimes to insomnia, because my mind never shuts down. As a pleasant surprise, I never thought about work and had a fantastic and stress-free time during all of CVI! Talk about a great decompression time! Of course, sadly, all good things come to an end.

However, these latest episodes and sound bytes of some of the panels and experiences I had take me back to that week and offer a very welcomed relief from the daily grind. I can't thank you enough for bringing those four days back to life for me on The ForceCast and I can't wait to be amongst everyone again at the next Celebration!

Until then, I'll be listening and hanging on every word! May The Force Be With You!

Most sincerely,

ForceCast fan and friend,



And on our Facebook page, Leslie Eriksen shares "My husband's (Dave Eriksen) fortune today for lunch."


Thanks to all of this week's mailbag contributors! Keep your emails coming to forcecast@forcecast.net.

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