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Listener Mailbag: August 20, 2012

Posted by Eric on August 20, 2012 at 12:15 PM CST

This pre-CVI edition of the mailbag contains our listeners' thoughts on a possible Wars/Trek "1313" connection, the fandom family reunion that is a Celebration, the search for Kitster, and more.


Thoughts on Celebration

Hi Jimmy and Jason,

I just want to thank TFN, The ForceCast and Rebel Scum in advance for your upcoming coverage of CVI. I know you'll get a swarm of emails and voicemails in the upcoming weeks so I thought I'd send in my thanks ahead of time. You truly leave no fan behind.

As you can probably guess, I will be missing this Celebration. However, I hope that everyone that does go, has a great time.... and I'm sure they will. Celebrations are truly a time to celebrate SW and not worry about the little things like "continuity" or Special Edition and Blu-ray changes. I know when I go to an event, and see a trooper, I'm instantly turned into a 6 year old kid again. I also love how the Celebrations have turned into a true celebration of fandom - they are now just as much about celebrating our own fandom, as they are about the movies. One project that I support 1,000% is the Save the Lars Homestead project (and not just because I have a piece of art in the upcoming book). Mark Dermul and the Saviors restored a symbol of our fandom. It would have truly been a shame to let it go after 35 years - but we have a group of fans that cared enough to do something about it. In our SW community we also have fans that take care of other fans (different charity and benefits for example) but in this cause we have the Saviors taking care of a piece of movie and Star Wars history. Although I currently do not have the resources to see the "igloo" first hand (at the moment) I would like to think some day I will be there. Regardless, it has help transport many fans "to a galaxy far far away" for many years, and it will continue to do so. What I would like to share with you (and hopefully you can pass it on to your audience) is that sense of thanks and appreciation. As fans go to CVI, be sure to thank members of the 501st (don't just ask for a photo), but thank them for what they do to help raise money for charities. Be sure to thank guys like Mark Dermal for taking care of a Star Wars landmark, and tell them what that means to you. I know everyone is excited to see different stars and movie heroes, but these people (that get behind a cause and donate their time and talents) are truly Star Wars heroes.


Eric Siebeneck
Kalida, OH


A Jaime King and Kyle Newman Sighting

After receiving an announcement at work about the unveiling of the new Lexus LS 460, I was surprised to find a picture of Jaime and Kyle on the official news site.  Check out this classy picture of the two. 

Enjoying all the CVI news.  You're making me wish I could go. 



Where's the Real Jim Mac?

Hiya Jimmy,

I saw you guys running around Celebration Japan and wanted to say hello, but then never saw you guys again, so I will definitely stop by in Orlando. Anyway, I found this flyer in a Connecticut train station for Jim Mac and the Wolf Pack -- an imposter, I think.

And here's another pic of Liam Neelson with an accident on his pants.  Do you think he even knows it's there?

I love your heated discussions about the EU and laughed out loud when you did you Jar Jar impersonation. I won't tell you how many times I played that over and over again. Thanks for the work you guys do on the podcast -- it's appreciated!

Your friend, 

Henry Markut


Where's Kitster? He's Coming to a Milk Carton Near You

Hey guys!
I’ve been listening to the ForceCast faithfully for about 2 years now. I saw you guys at C5 and you introduced me to the wonderful world of podcasts!  I’ve enjoyed the great shows you’ve put out these last 2 years and can’t wait to see you at C6!!!!!

I’ve attached a file containing a template I found for a milk carton.  I bet you’re wondering WHY.  Well, as you’ve often said, Kitster gets no love.  He’s been missing since The Phantom Menace.  We all know there’s no better way to find a missing person than to post their picture up on a milk carton, SO...I’ve taken the liberty of using my mediocre computer skills and editing the milk carton template to include a picture of KITSTER!

There are some other fun things I threw in there as well, but as stated earlier, my art skills are mediocre at best.  The template is supposed to print out on a regular 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper; I hope I didn’t resize it accidentally.  If you can tap your vast network of amazing artists, maybe you can create a better milk carton, print some out, put them together, and use the Force to make them appear on the tables at The Clone Wars panel -- or maybe the Hasbro panel?  I think it’d be a rallying force for the “WHERE’S KITSTER?” movement.  KITSTER on a milk carton...FTW!!! (For The WIN!)
Yours truly,

Ed Calaza


Is Star Wars 1313 Connected to Trek?

Hi, I live in the UK and have been a listener since March. I'm a student and live across the pond, so Star Wars is distant here compared to in the US. After Star Wars, Marvel is my favourite thing, and now The Avengers is my favourite movie. Jason, I would highly recommend going to see it. Maybe in the future you could do a Marvel special episode about your thoughts and feelings on The Avengers. It would be interesting to know who your favourite Avenger is. While watching the first episode of the original Star Trek series (for the first time), I spotted a Star Wars reference in the form of a connection to the upcoming game Star Wars 1313. I have attached a recording for you. It occurs when Kirk is doing his Captain's Log and is about to go to Delta Vega; the date he gives is 1313.1.

Whether this is a coincidence or not, I don't know, but there are similarities. Kirk was dumping his friend on Delta Vega and in 1313 two men -- probably friends -- are going down to the underworld. This is the first episode of Trek, so maybe 1313 is starting something big like the Underworld TV series.

Please tell the fans about this and speculate on it futher. Also, regarding your ROTJ commentary and Jason's story about getting up early to watch it before school: I did a similar type of thing with The Clone Wars Season 1. I watched that season at least 5 times. I think the earliest I got up was 6:30am and I didn't need to leave for school until 8:00am.

Thanks for interviewing Leland Chee, the EU guy. Really like the show, keep it up, and next time you talk to Kyle Newman, say thanks for making Fanboys, as that is another favourite film, beating some higher-budget films like Avatar.

Thanks guys, keep it up, and may the Force be with you.



Thanks to all of this week's mailbag contributors! Keep your emails coming to forcecast@forcecast.net.

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