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ForceCast #273: The Galaxy Is Reading
Posted by Eric on October 4, 2013 at 09:00 AM CST:

It's Star Wars Reads Day Eve here at The ForceCast. Pablo Hidalgo and Leland Chee join us from Lucasfilm to discuss their work answering Star Wars questions for a living. Then, we talk to two of the biggest names in the Expanded Universe author community, Timothy Zahn and Aaron Allston. On top of all that, we cover an exciting slate of stories about Episode VII, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars: 1313, and much more.

Show Notes:

The HoloNet
  • Star Wars Reads Day is tomorrow, October 5, at bookstores and libraries worldwide. To celebrate, we interview four people who know their stuff when it comes to Star Wars literature: Lucasfilm's Pablo Hidalgo and Leland Chee and authors Timothy Zahn and Aaron Allston.
    • Leland Chee and Pablo Hidalgo discuss their participation in the next era of Star Wars storytelling through the Lucasfilm Story Group. They also discuss how they got their start at the company, what it's like to spend your day answering Star Wars questions involve, and the educational value of science-fiction books.
    • Timothy Zahn talks to us about his earliest plans for The Thrawn Trilogy, his new idea for a Star Wars "Maestro Trilogy," and the changes he has seen in Star Wars publishing since he helped launch the EU with Heir to the Empire in 1991. He also discusses the possibility of an Expanded Universe reboot, including his idea for a novel that would transition fans from the current EU to a rebooted universe. Plus, we pitch him an idea for turning one of his recent novels into a spinoff movie.
    • Aaron Allston discusses his long history of collaborative EU projects, from The New Jedi Order to Fate of the Jedi. He also shares his thoughts on the idea of an X-wing TV series, describes his first experience watching a Star Wars film, and tells us what collectible he wants to see made based on his character Piggy the Gamorrean X-wing pilot.
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