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Happy ForceCast New Years!

Posted by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on December 31, 2009 at 11:40 AM CST

Well, we finally made it. 2009 is hours away from ending thus wrapping up the most exciting year in the history of The ForceCast. From Fanboys to Fan Days, we had an amazing 2009. To honor Star Wars and Christmas, I even set up my own modest Star Wars Christmas Tree. I hope every ForceCast listener has enjoyed the holidays and are ready to celebrate New Years Eve. We have a tradition in my house...Every year, we choose to stay home on New Years Eve to have a huge feast. Then, we all gather around the TV to watch A New Hope. But there's a twist! We time the start of the film to just the right second so the Death Star explodes at the stroke of Midnight. This is something we have talked about on The ForceCast before, but I've received so many e-mails requesting the exact instructions on how this is done. So we have decided to make this an event this year and you can all join in! More on that later. But first, lets discuss how we blow up the Death Star at Midnight:

1. Cue up your copy of the Special Edition DVD release of A New Hope. Start the movie and hit pause immediately. Make sure the counter reads 0:00:00. At exactly 10:02:48 pm, hit the play button. I call the automated phone service for the exact time ("At the tone, the time is...") so this is timed out perfectly.

2. Watch film

3. The Death Star will explode at exactly 1:57:12 which should be midnight exactly. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

4. Celebrate with friends, family, and beverages of your choice.

Its as simple as that. In the past, I've turned on the picture-in-picture to watch the local countdown. Sometimes it times out perfectly. Sometimes there is a delay, especially with satellite TV. Its not always in sync with the local countdown so in my house, its not officially the New Year until the Death Star blows up.

For more, we discuss this on the latest episode of SnydeRemarksRadio with my wife Wendy Snyder.

Now, lets discuss our plans for tonight. I turn the blog over to Eric who will be our host for this evenings festivities. Take it away, Eric!

As 2009 comes to a close, what better way to ring in the New Year than with a live chat? We here at the ForceCast will be celebrating New Year's Eve with a time-honored tradition from the Mac household that is sure to please any Star Wars fan.

Each December 31st, Jimmy Mac drops A New Hope in his DVD player and hits "Play" at just the right time. Then, just as the midnight countdown in Times Square hits zero, the fearsome Death Star explodes. Through this tradition, A New Hope and A New Year share the moment at the stroke of midnight. The Rebels on Yavin IV are cheering, and so are the citizens of Earth.

Tonight, Jimmy Mac brings this tradition to you. Tonight, courtesy of the TFN Live Chat Room, The ForceCast will be hosting a New Year's Eve party you won't want to miss.

Because there are three major time zones in the U.S., our celebration will begin in the East Coast and continue on throughout the night as the countdown reaches the West Coast. So basically we'll start it on the East Coast, and when it comes time, the Central people will start it, etc. etc.

In order to ensure that everyone is on the same page, here's what you need to know for tonight:

1. We'll be using the Special Edition of A New Hope, so make sure you have the version where Greedo shoots first.

2. To sync up your playback of the movie with everyone else, be sure to have the DVD in your player ahead of time.

3. The official start time will be 10:02:48pm EASTERN (the Death Star blows up at 1:57:12). Be sure to arrive early so you can chat it up with fellow fans before we get started.

That's all you need to know for tonight. We hope to see you in the chat room for A Very Star Wars New Year's Eve with the ForceCast!

So join us tonight in TheForce.net chat room for a fun night of Star Wars discussion and New Years festivities. I'll be popping in as will many friends and fans. In the meantime, you can relieve the best of 2009 with The ForceCast Year-In-Review Part One (Look for part two on New Years Day). Or you can keep Christmas rolling with The Galaxy of Music Xmas 2009 edition or The ForceCast Christmas Special with the cast of The Clone Wars.

Thanks to everyone at ForceCast.net, TheForce.net, and Rebelscum.com for a fantastic 2009. And thanks to all of our readers and listeners because, without you all, we could not do what we do! Have a safe and prosperous 2010 from your friends at The ForceCast!

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