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A New And Rewarding Way To Give Back To The ForceCast

Posted by Eric on May 4, 2014 at 12:08 PM CST

We at The ForceCast pride ourselves on delivering a group of Star Wars podcasts to entertain and inform fans around the world on a regular basis. Along the way, we've been gratified to hear that our shows are making people laugh and think. We've also had a number of listeners ask us if there's a way they can support us. Today, as we teased on ForceCast #301, we're launching a new program that will allow us to expand what we do and how we do it based on the support of our audience -- all without changing the ForceCast shows that you know and love.

Using a service called Patreon, you'll be able to set up a monthly donation to The ForceCast of any amount, and in return, you'll receive a number of exclusive perks. These perks range from bonus content to Q&As with the hosts to special "listener spotlight" segments on the show. For every month that you "pledge" a certain amount, you'll receive the perks that correspond to that pledge level.

When we reach certain donation milestones, we'll add features to our podcast network that will be accessible to everyone, whether or not they've pledged. These include live shows, giveaways, monthly feedback shows, video podcasts, and even East Coast meetups with the hosts. These milestone additions will be our way of thanking our entire audience for helping us grow our network and improve the way we operate.

We want to note a couple of important things. First, when it comes to your contributions, every little bit helps. Even if you're only able to donate a dollar, we're grateful. If enough people did that, we'd be able to take the network to a whole new level.

Second, this cannot be stressed enough: The ForceCast that you know and love is not changing. All of our shows will be free, always and forever. Whether or not you pledge through Patreon, you'll continue to receive The ForceCast, The Clone Wars (and soon Rebels) Roundtable, Jedi Journals, The Sabacc Table, and The IndyCast. In the future, we'll launch new programs for other aspects of Star Wars and travel to events like Star Wars Celebration to bring you wall-to-wall coverage. All of this will happen regardless of what we see through Patreon.

We love our entire audience -- always have and always will. We also know that many of you love us and have been looking for ways to show your support. We hope you will consider doing so through Patreon.

Please consider heading over to patreon.com/forcecast to set up a pledge. From all of us here at The ForceCast network, thank you for your support.

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