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Jedi Journals: March 2020

Posted by Jay on March 4, 2020 at 05:01 AM CST

"Project Luminous" is now The High Republic! Jay & Chris break down the huge news about the next chapter in Star Wars literature. The Clone Wars is back, The Rise of Skywalker novel is nearly out, Resistance Reborn & Doctor Aphra Vol. 7 get reviewed along with a run down of all the latest comics, books and magazines blasting their way into our galaxy on the March episode of Jedi Journals!

Time Codes:
Comics - 0:09:26
Dr Aphra v7 Discussion - 0:17:46
Comics pt 2 - 0:48:21
Books - 0:54:10
Resistance Reborn Discussion - 0:58:10
Books pt 2 - 1:22:49
Magazines - 1:26:39

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