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IndyCast: Episode 304

Posted by Ed on January 24, 2021 at 02:47 PM CST

This episode Indiana Mic chats with artist Mark Raats, a new Indy video game is announced, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is puzzled, Joe and Keith get Cracked, we have trivia, an IJ in the UK update and more of your great emails!

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Show Notes For January 25th, 2021

  • News

  • Original Indy trilogy back at cinemas!
    Indy films to hit Paramount+
    The Adventurer's Summit 2021
    Mitch and Ed's Excellent Adventure on YouTube

  • Video Games

  • New Indy video game in the works

  • Books & Comics

  • Cracked Magazine 183: Raiders spoof
    Cracked Magazine 249: Last Crusade spoof
    Crazy Magazine 83: Raiders spoof
    Email Joe and Keith at thefurtheradventures@gmail.com.
    The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones Facebook page
    The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones theme
    The Expanded Archives of Dr Jones
    Latest issue of the Indy Mag
    Comic Book Central Facebook page
    Comic Book Central website

  • Mail

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    General Email : indycast@forcecast.net.
    Host - Ed Dolista
    Email : ed@theindycast.com.
    Official IndyCast Correspondent - Mitch Hallock
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    Laird - John Williams Specials
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    Ron - John Williams Specials
    Email : ron@theindycast.com.
    Indiana Mic - Indy Outfit Segments
    Email : indianamic@yahoo.com.
    Chris A - IJ in the UK
    Email : indyallanjones@gmail.com.

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