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Next Stop: Endor - The Story of Star Tours

Posted by Ryan on April 7, 2019 at 02:59 PM CST

The ForceCast presents:

Star Wars Star Tours

Next Stop: Endor - The Story of Star Tours.

This audio documentary takes you on the journey that would lead to the creation and opening of the original Star Tours in 1987. From Walt Disney's death to Eisner's Rise to Star Tours and all the way to Galaxy's Edge, join Ryan Donoho as he is joined by the people who helped bring this attraction to life.

Written and Directed by: Ryan Donoho

Lou Mongello (WDW Radio)
Mark Eades (former Imagineer)
Tony Baxter (former Imagineer)
Tom Fitzgerald (Walt Disney Imagineering)
Paul Reubens (Captain Rex)
Clayton Sandell (ABC News)
Ryan Donoho (The ForceCast)

Executive producer: Daniel Berry

Producers: Lou Mongello, EndorExpress.net, TheForce.net

Special Thanks:
WDW Radio, Brian Curran, EndorExpress.net, Walt Disney Imagineering. Lucasfilm

*This documentary is for entertainment and information purposes only. All copyrighted sounds, music, and clips are property of their respective copyright and trademark owners. All original sound is property of Theforce.net LLC

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