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Green Justice #409: Dark Waters

Posted by Jay on December 13, 2015 at 05:25 AM CST

Messing with the magic bad guy's plans can put you in "Dark Waters". Oliver discovers that Damien Darhk will retaliate when you go against him. Thea, Diggle, and Felicity are plucked away from him in a heartbeat, leaving Oliver desperate to do anything to save them. Luckily Malcolm and Laurel help him out just in the St. Nick of time. But getting away from Darhk doesn't mean you're safe. And Oliver and Felicity only get a few minutes to enjoy their new engagement when they find that out the hard way. Jay and Josh celebrate the holidays...sorta... on this week's Green Justice: An Arrow Podcast. Listen in and justice will be your MP3 player!

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