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Agent Carter #203: Better Angels

Posted by Jay on January 29, 2016 at 07:10 AM CST

When you look over your shoulder to see a little devil, you should hope there's "Better Angels" on the other one. Peggy Carter could be that angel. With the help of Howard Stark, she's going to infiltrate the Arena Club, an all male group of schemers who have their hand in politics, Isodyne, and even SSR. Howard also helps her discover that Dr. Wilkes isn't truly dead, but they can't quite make him 'whole' again just yet. You know that our heroic agent won't give up on this case, even with disappearing scientists, chauvinist directors, or Zero Mattered-starlets. Jay and Josh hang out by the pool on this week's episode of Agent Carter: Case Files. Download now, to decrypt the coded telegram directly to your phonograph!

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