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IndyCast: Episode 250

Posted by Ed on June 5, 2017 at 03:13 AM CST

It's the 250th episode of the IndyCast and to celebrate we are thrilled to have legendary artist Drew Struzan on the show speaking with Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock! We also have some great prizes for you to win, we debut a new segment looking at Indy's gear, Chris A is back with IJ in the UK and even more prizes, Ron returns with another bite-sized Indy fun fact, Double T's has another Grail Chronicles review and we have more of your great emails.

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Show notes for June 5th, 2017

Indiana Jones and the PG-13 rating
John Williams serenaded by acapella themes at Harvard
The next part of Stephen Hall's process of creating his one-man Indy show Raiders of the Temple of Doom's Last Crusade
Ed Dolista appears on episodes 81 & 82 of The Indiana Jones Minute podcast

Drew Struzan's Official website

IJ in the UK
Tom Holland cast as Uncharted’s Nathan Drake
Maestro Ernst van Tiel’s official website
Hooten and the Lady UK adventure show coming to CW in the US
“Into the Great Unknown” Indy/Han crossover comic tale (in support of IJ in the UK’s “Counter Carbonite Conclusion”)
Indy and Han from a certain point of view
Indy and Han - another side of their story
The UK Swaine Adeney Brigg Herbert Johnson Indy Fedora poet hat (what a title!)
Another UK store making Indy hats but only online
Chris Baker – UK pencil artist of the stars
“Give the IJ in the UK Facebook page a Like!”)
Email IJ in the UK with feedback or suggestions AND to enter our UK IndyCast 250th competition – send in the name of the wondrous UK character from the Indy movies you think IJ in the UK will focus on next (remember, choose WISELY!)

Double T's Grail Chronicles Blog
Possum Times podcast
The Expanded Archives of Dr Jones
Latest issue of the Indy Mag
IndyCast Further Adventures Episode Guide on the Raven forum
Email Joe and Keith at
The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones Facebook page
The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones theme
Comic Book Central Facebook page
Comic Book Central website

LSO Trumpeter Maurice Murphy podcast
Listener submitted photos
The Indiana Jones Archive on Facebook

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