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IndyCast: Episode 239

Posted by Ed on October 10, 2016 at 12:59 AM CST

This episode we catch up with Official IndyCast Correspondent Mitch Hallock who talks about the origins of Indy's Dog, Chris A is back with another instalment of IJ in the UK, Ron returns with another bite-sized Indy fun fact, Double T's has another Grail Chronicles review, Joe and Keith are back with the Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, we have more of your great emails and lots more!

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Show notes for October 10th, 2016

Patrick Schoenmaker's Animated Indy teaser debuts
Indy / Star Wars mash up video
The Raiders Guys Official Site
Terrificon Official website
Harrison Ford's latest movie gets titled

Indy Funko Pop Ride at Disney

The X3 official site "Stay Tuned!
Could the Adventure of Archaeology travel to London next?
The October 1983 Temple of Doom script with extra dialogue for Captain Blumburtt
Who was the actor playing Capt Blumburtt?
Will Guy Hendrix Dyas be back as Production Designer for Indy 5?
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Double T's Grail Chronicles Blog
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IndyCast Further Adventures Episode Guide on the Raven forum
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