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Live At Skywalker Ranch - Photo Gallery #2
Posted by Jimmy on February 4, 2012 at 06:55 PM CST:

Here's another photo gallery from my amazing trip to the legendary Skywalker Ranch last weekend. These pix, all pulled from my iPhone, display the full beauty and serenity of the ranch on what was a picture-perfect day.

Beyond a normal looking entrance gate, the grounds are amazing, and features incredible architecture, wild animals grazing, and even a covered bridge to drive thru on your way to the Tech Building and Main House. It is not an uncommon sight to see employees riding bicycles from building to building as wild turkeys wonder around the bushes. Lake Ewok, in the center of the property, adds to the relaxing rural atmosphere, while beyond the doors of the Tech Building, you find studios filled with the latest in high-tech recording equipment. It's a crazy contrast, but it works!

The lush environment and rolling hills do indeed provide inspiration and creativity. A structure seen off of the main road and somewhat hidden in the trees contains the Lucasfilm Archives...Little would you know that this non-descript, blue, barn-like building holds the entire history of Star Wars props, costumes, set dressings, droids and more! Also on the property, one will find a fitness center, inn, carriage house, stables, baseball diamond, organic gardens, vineyards, and fire house. Skywalker Ranch is truly an awe-inspiring place!

Listen to more stories about Skywalker Ranch on The Weekly ForceCast and be sure to check out our special video podcast, "The ForceCast at Skywalker Ranch", coming soon!

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