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Listener Mailbag: March 21, 2012

Posted by Eric on March 21, 2012 at 12:30 PM CST

This edition of the mailbag covers The Clone Wars Season 4 finale, feedback on our interview with Daniel Logan, a listener checks in from Tokyo, and more!


SW Episode 1 3D

Hi Jimmy & Jason,

Thank you for all you do, I've been enjoying your show and appreciate all you do to make the ForceCast a force to be reckoned with and a quality listening experience for us fans!

My wife and I caught a Saturday matinee of Episode 1 in 3D, and we both enjoyed it more this time than any other time we've seen it. I was very impressed with the quality of the picture and the added dimension that 3D brought to the screen.

Maybe someone else has pointed this out before, but I didn't realize it until I saw Episode 1 this time how clever George was with this one particular shot. You know that shot at the end of the film, when Yoda and Mace Windu talk at Qui-Gon's cremation about which of the Sith was destroyed, and then we see the panning shot that shows Palpatine.

What I never noticed about that shot before, was who was in the shot with him. I'm positive that the Big G.L. clearly identified the events that detail how Anakin was going to rise and fall as he wrote the script for Episode 1, because in this shot- we have Palpatine on one side of the screen, and Anakin on the other. And the only two who stand between Palpatine and Anakin is Obi-Wan, and Padme. I think this small detail illustrates how clever George Lucas has always been as a filmmaker, and how important Episode 1 is in telling a complete story of Anakin Skywalker.

Keep up the great work, May the Force Be With You!

Brady Hales
Salt Lake City, UT


Darth Plagueis

Hey Guys,

Just finished the novel and the podcast and wanted to make one comment before I forgot. Jimmy Mac is right. Plagueis tried to create life and tried to control the Force to create a Dark Side imbalance in the Force. The midi-chlorians conceived Anakin to ultimately regain the balance. The midi-chlorians saw the abomination that was coming and planted Anakin, the vergence into Palpatine's life knowing that he could ultimately kill Palpatine to restore balance. The midi-chlorians ultimately manipulate Sidious in the end. The Force cannot be unnaturally controlled for long without a snap back. Rivers have a natural path just like the Force. The Jedi go along for the ride and listen to the will of nature per se, the Sith try to change the direction of the river but ultimately there is a snap-back. This is the prophecy of the Chosen One, as Qui Gon said, who may have been conceived by the midi-chlorians. I believe this to be true.

Great Show!!!

Jamey Garner
Lawrence, KS


Regarding The Weekly ForceCast: A Thought on Boba Fett

Okay, I realize this may be a "duh" moment or a completely "off the wall" moment, but this thought just dawned on me while I was listening to your interview with Daniel Logan (props, by the way, on scoring such amazing interviews -- I remember the early days when such interviews were few and far between, but nowadays, you guys really ARE legitimate members of the media and you're doing a fantastic job). Anyway, I paused The Weekly ForceCast about 10 minutes into it because of something you were discussing with Daniel about Boba. You guys were talking about how Boba was different from the other clones, and if his voice was going to change and be more like the clones as he ages. And that brought me back to a question I've always wondered about: why would Jango want a kid? More specifically, why would Jango want an unaltered clone? To pass on the family business? To scratch some sort of paternal itch? And then it dawned on me: it was for continuity of the story.

I just finished reading Darth Plagueis a couple of days ago (listened to the Roundtable yesterday; great job!), so maybe that influenced this line of thought. If Boba had been just another clone, then he could have been influenced by Order 66 and whatever else Palpatine had programmed into the clones. Boba had to be his own man, independent of the influence of Palpatine, as we see him in the OT. Boba is not a regular clone simply to free him story-wise from what Palpatine was going to do with the other clones.

Wouldn't it have been amusing, though, if Boba had somehow received Order 66, dropped his cup of caf at the galactic zoo, and blindly started chasing down the nearest Jedi? Wait, I think I just found a plot for my first hit EU novel! ;-)

Keep up the great work!

Andy "Chewbubba" Lindemann


Asajj's Redemption

Hey Jason and Jimmy, I just watched the last episode of The Clone Wars Season 4, That was awesome. Duel of the Fates was playing in my head as Obi-Wan was fighting Maul, that's how intense it was. Jason might want to point out the scene as Asajj's redemption because she teamed up with Obi-Wan to take down Savage. However, his does not prove that she is redeemed. Remember back in Season One when Count Dooku joined forces with Anakin and Obi-Wan to escape the pirates? They teamed up to fight a common foe and then later went back to being enemies. The same thing happened here with Ventress. She went to right a wrong she committed in her past and just coincidentally ran into Obi-Wan. Now, we don't know what happens to them afterward, but if all we have to go on is this fight, it does not mean she is a good guy. I think it would be neat if she did go off to do good in the galaxy, but not as part of the Jedi or Republic, just as a rogue vigilante.

Can't wait for the Roundtable and the Dave Filoni post-season wrap-up, by the way. Could you ask Dave why there are no episode commentaries on Those were awesome. Also, you guys should do audio commentaries for the older Clone Wars episodes. There isn't anything on the DVDs and they are old enough for you to get Clone Wars actors or crew members without worrying about spoilers. It would only take 22 minutes and you could do one a week until you've caught up with the DVDs and then you could do them after the DVDs come out.

Love the show, it re-sparked my fandom when I started listening about three years ago.

May the Force be With You.

Joshua Garcia


Listening to The ForceCast in Tokyo

Mr. Swank and Mr. McInerney,

First, many thanks for your efforts with The ForceCast and The Clone Wars Roundtable. I've been listening for about a year and a half and have always found your shows to be highly entertaining, professional, and always good-natured and reflective. Well done! Somehow both of you walk the fine line between crazed Star Wars fans and detached broadcasters, and in fact I had been thinking that The ForceCast was a lot like listening to an NPR show. Therefore I wasn't surprised to hear that the radio station in Chicago had picked you guys up -- they're fortunate you agreed to do it.

I know you like to hear a bit about your listeners so I'll tell you that I work for the U.S. military in the Tokyo area, and last year after the big March 11th earthquake and subsequent disaster it was a real pleasure to listen to The ForceCast after long hours dealing with the incessantly depressing news and non-stop activities related to the disaster relief.

Thank you kindly for all you do.


John Treiber
Tokyo, Japan


In Defense of Anakin and Padme

Listening to the 'Friend in Need' roundtable, and I have to say, I think you guys are a little too dismissive of the Anakin/Padme relationship.

Obviously there is some dysfunction there--you'd have to be an idiot not to see it--but the categorize their union as a "marriage of convenience" seems like a patently absurd read of the relationship. There is nothing convenient about it--they are both risking a huge amount to be together, and the emotional issues involved with having a secret relationship seem to far outweigh the "have your cake and eat it too" attitude that Jason argues is Padme's motivation.

It feels to me like one of those relationships that often begin in wartime--the threat of losing the other person speeds up and heightens the emotions. Many soldiers during the First and Second World Wars would meet a girl on leave and ask her to marry them before they left again. It's nothing new.

Despite the corny and stilted dialogue, and some of the contrivances of Ep 2, I think the biggest indicator of the real feelings between them is the balcony scene they have together in Episode 3. Cheesiness aside, it works for me: it sells it that they're actually happy together, that a too-fast courtship has grown into something real. Obviously it's a tragic, doomed love: but there is redemption there.

After all, doesn't it cheapen the entire saga if one completely writes off the relationship that produced Luke and Leia? Vader would have had no son to redeem him, which is, of course, the key narrative thread in Star Wars in the first place. Not saying there weren't some serious missteps with the way it was written, but I think I get what George was intending, and I don't think it was to show us the world's most unhealthy and loveless relationship.

Love the show, keep up the good work!



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