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Clone Wars Season 3 Sneak Peeks

Posted by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on June 29, 2010 at 01:05 PM CST

Faithful ForceCast listener Aaron Goins writes:

Hey guys,

When I was watching the promo video for the Cartoon Network CV giveaway I noticed what I think are new clips from Season 3 of Clone Wars. Thought I would share. I have included some screen grabs.


A Nikto Jedi. I know we saw him before in the season 3 trailer but I think this is a new scene (I could be wrong on this one)


Ahsoka with a couple of youths I do not think we have seen before. The girl looks Twilek


C3PO getting taken away by an IG droid in a speeder


Ahsoka getting the drop on a guy in some cool armor (A Mandalore Guard - JMac)


And of course, if there are new images from Season 3, then you know Paul Bateman will chime in!

Hey guys,

Spotted another couple of Clone Wars S3 bits and bobs within the 'CV Ultimate Fan Getaway' video.

It looks like there's a jungle planet coming. Just wish it was Yavin 4 or Kashyyyk, but I don't think so. I want to see Wookiees in this show so bad.



There's another image of the Mando/clone guy again, check out the face - still don't think he's a clone..


Finally there's a weird one. At first I thought I was just looking at a test-render or procedural wireframe image but no, parts of it have the final vfx applied, it looks like some kinda 'holodeck' (sorry) style simulator/shooting range for practicing droid blasting! I remember Luke had a go on a similar ride back on the radio show, always thought it made sense.


Clear skies . . .


Thanks Aaron and Paul. You guys have eagle eyes for sure and these images only get me more and more pumped up for season 3. I love summer but I cannot wait for October!

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