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The ForceCast's CV Trading Card #6: "Awesome. Awesome."

Posted by Jason on August 9, 2010 at 05:08 PM CST

One of the best parts about working on the ForceCast is the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. One such person is our buddy from across the pond Paul Bateman. Paul is one of those guys who, when you meet him, has a habit of instantly feeling like family and his lovely wife Athena is no different. The two of them are just plain good people.

The fact that Paul Bateman is also one of the foremost Ralph McQuarrie experts and an avid fan of all things "The Wars" is just the icing on the cake. He's a regular panelist on the Clone Wars Roundtables and provided wonderful insight for our Empire commentary track.

So, what would a set of ForceCast cards be without "awesome, awesome" Paul Bateman pictured alongside the man himself, Ralph McQuarrie?

<ForceCast/CV Exclusive Trading Card #6

Paul and the rest of the RalphMcQuarrie.com gang will be at CV in full force with a full-blown Ralph McQuarrie art gallery. Paul knows every brush stroke and pencil smudge, so there is no one better to be your guide through this collection of Ralph's work. Paul also designed the ForceCast trading cards for us, so please thank him for being so "awesome."

So, to sum it up one last time, we have now revealed all six cards to be given away for FREE at Celebration V. However, you can only get them by showing up to our live show tapings. The three live shows are currently scheduled for:

THURSDAY: 4:15-6:15 PM

You can find us in our palatial ForceCast studio (the travel edition) set up in the Official Pix autograph hall. We'll be handing out two cards at each show. So in order to get all three cards, you have to at least stop by at some point during all three shows. And you're going to want all 6 of them just for the backs.

That's it. C-U-N-ORLAND-O @ C 5!

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