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Star Wars Burlesque - Exclusive Pix and Review

Posted by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on March 22, 2010 at 04:25 PM CST

On the last episode of The ForceCast, we read an email from faithful ForceCast listener Dean the Maniac, who was very excited to be attending Star Wars Burlesque in Los Angeles. We asked Dean if he would be an official ForceCast correspondent and provide a review of the show. Well, Dean stepped up to the challenge and provided us not only with his review, but with exclusive pix as well! Check out Dean the Maniac's review of Star Wars Burlesque at LA's Devil's Playground:

Got to the venue fairly early only to wait in a big line to pick up my tickets but while I was there I started to chat it up with some local folk. It turns out that the two dudes that I was talking to are not even Star Wars fans. They were there to enjoy an evening of scantily clad ladies on stage and, to them, they did not care what the theme was. Fair enough. So I turned the other direction and started to chat it up with a nice couple that drove all the way from Las Vegas to see the show. Exciting right, but to my amazement: NOT Star Wars fans. They were there to support one of the performers that they knew.

I finally get into the venue and quickly proceeded to a table with the best view of the stage. I settled at a table in the very front of the performing platform. I found a seat and slowly involved myself into what sounded to me like an actual Star Wars conversation. It turns out that one of the dudes sitting there was a Ringer (Lord of the Rings fan) and he was badmouthing the big dog himself: G.L. (Now I have only heard of these people from friends and in movies but did not think I would ever come across one in real life.) So I start to listen to his rants only to find that he has no original ideas and everything he is saying is nothing more than hogwash! Finally, after about 20 minutes of going back and forth I hit him with a quote that I thought I would never, ever be able to use in a real conversation: There is only one return and it ain't of the king its of THE JEDI! The entire table was at a hefty chuckle which silenced him, for the most part.

Anyways, back to the show. So while everyone was waiting for the show to begin they had a DJ, dressed in Jedi robes, spinning the ones and twos to music that was Star Wars themed. Kinda cool.

After about an hour of waiting and chatting with people that knew, have seen maybe a few times, or just heard of Star Wars the show started.

The lights went down and out came this dude, sorry I cant remember his name right now, all decked out Han Solo style and started speaking this crazy, nicely written, monologue that, from my understanding, was what Han was going through while he was frozen, chillin on the wall up in Jabbas crib. Not the best actor I’ve seen but an A for effort.

When he was done with his rambles, lights turn off, music starts and out comes Lord Vader. It continued in this fashion with Han speaking in-between the girls, kinda like a buffer, until the end. Then they all came out and thanked people for coming and ending with a final bow and showing their assets one last time for the crowd.

Darth Vader

Overall the show was great. All the girls were great in their own unique way. But personally my favorite to look at was the Imperial Trooper (shes fine) and my favorite performance was, hands down, R2. She did all this crazy crawling stuff that makes Gen. Grievous look like a 2 years old learning how to crawl (or however old you are when you learn to crawl). Trust me her pictures do not do her justice.

R2D2 002

Once the show was over I tried to get as many girls to talk to me as I could. The following is what I could decipher after listening to my stupid voice memo. Its just too bad that I could not get all the girls, I think a few had hot dates so they bounced fairly quickly.

So that's about it. Let me know if you need anything else. Hope I represented: FC STYLE SUCKAS!!!!!!

I will be at Celebration Cinco so if I run into you guys maybe we can chill and throw back a couple cold sarsaparillas. Till next time.

Peace with a little bit of Dengar grease!

-Dean the Maniac

Stormtrooper 002

Courtney Cruz: Storm Trooper

Dean: Why turn Star Wars into a burlesque show?

Courtney: Why not? It has a great tone and tons of potential to be sexy. And I wanted to do something for the real Star Wars fans that they couldn’t get anywhere else.

D: I noticed that you also do many other shows that are geek themed. Why?

C: I love pop culture and love geeks, why not combine the two. Wouldn’t you love to see someone you read about or see on TV in this kind of atmosphere?

D: Yes! Yes I would. Will you do another Star Wars show?

C: I don’t know, you will just have to wait and find out. Right now were gearing up for our comic book vixen show in June. You should come see it.

D: Oh you better believe ill be there, with bells on.

R2D2 003

Sin Fisted: R2-D2

D: How much fun was it to play R2?

S: It was a blast! I mean some people didn’t really know how R2-D2 would be done in a show like this but I wanted them to see the real spirit underneath the metal. And I think I did that, quite well.

D: Sure did. Now I have a clear image on why R2 is the crazy little critter he is.

Slave Leia 002

Olivia Bellafontaine: Slave Leia

D: What did think when you got the news you would be Slave Leia?

O: She is the original Star Wars beauty. With that sexy chain and long hair, how could I pass that up?

C3PO 001

Lucy Fur: C3PO

D: Do you think Anthony Daniels would like your rendition of 3PO?

L: Of course, what isnt there to like?

D: Do you think he would be happy or jealous?

L: Both. I mean if he could shake his stuff like me, he would be doing this.

Boba Fett 001

Audrey DeLuxe: Boba Fett

D:Now that you have played probably the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy would you consider bounty hunting as a new profession?

A: Ahh no. I love what I do and I love making people happy. Besides I am more of a booty hunter and I am very good at that.

Fantastic report Dean! Thanks for covering this unique Star Wars event. For more of Dean the Maniacs gallery from Star Wars Burlesque (at least the stuff we can show you!), Click HERE

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