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Pocket Full of Jedi Kryptonite

Posted by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on March 2, 2010 at 10:59 AM CST

Lately on The Clone Wars Roundtables, we have been discussing the implications of the Obi-Wan/Satine relationship and comparing it to that of Anakin and Padme...Yada yada yada. It was during these shows I theorized women affect the Jedi in a similar way Kryptonite affects Superman. I mean, lets face it, Obi-Wan was smacked around by some Death Watch Mandos he should have easily defeated; Anakin essentially brought down the Jedi Order in the name of a woman; Luke was confused by his feelings for Leia who happened to be his own sister...Its all starting to add up. Even poor Cliegg Lars lost his leg because of his woman and he's not even a Jedi! But, while I think this theory is absurd, the evidence makes you wonder.

I knew I could not make such a statement without backlash from our loyal female listeners. Here is an opinion from a ladies' point-of-view:

Hey guys!

First of all, what you do is so amazing and I look forward to every Tuesday! I have nothing but love for the show. :)

However...I recently heard something that rubbed me slightly the wrong way...

It was mentioned a few weeks back during "The Mandalore Plot" roundtable and even more recently that women were somehow Jedi kryptonite. The main example to reinforce this statement was that Obi-Wan hadn't sensed or foreseen the Mandalorian warriors attacking him when he entered the so-called abandoned mining shaft, all due to his mind being preoccupied with thoughts of Duchess Satine. That his Force sensitivities had been clouded by her.

As a 19-year-old woman, I have to disagree. If women were Jedi Kryptonite would there really be any female Jedi? It would be a sad day when the male padawan couldn't complete his training because of the cute part-sephi trainee dueling with her master in the next room! And if women are male Jedi kryptonite, what's the female equivalent? Does Shaak Ti loose focus when a hot guy happens to pass her way? Does Aayla Secura's mind wander and become clouded on Maridun when speaking about her old master Quinlan Vos just because of their close history? On the other end, does Mace Windu get all hot and bothered when a particularly good-looking girl skips by?

Women are an essential part of the Jedi Order and balance it quite a bit, I think. Ashoka has added a great feminine touch to a slightly male-dominated class of monk-warriors and I like how she doesn't take crap from anyone. And there's even Barriss! Season Two has contributed greatly to the growing number of female Jedi being represented.

Plus, I think Obi-Wan's enough of a man and in control of his own emotions to put the mission first and the duchess second, or third even. I think he's been around the block enough to subtly ignore a flash of skin or a pretty smile. Nice eyes wouldn't be enough to make his pants tighter then they already are.

I don't mean to make this sound like a rant, I just had to say something.
Please keep doing what you're doing because it's magnificent and simply enriches the Star Wars spirit in all of us, including myself. :) I sent this earlier but I got an email saying it didn't send correctly so I thought I'd try again...:)

May the Force be with you and I hope to see you at Celebration V!


Thanks for writing, Fiona!

As for female Jedi, maybe if the council made it a boys club, the Jedi would have never been defeated.

I blame Yaddle! She is green after all.

Illustration by Jedi Shua Josh Stolte:

Jedi Kryptonite

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