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Listener Mailbag: December 21, 2012

Posted by Eric on December 21, 2012 at 10:48 AM CST

This week in the mailbag: Christmas ornaments, toy nostalgia, Star Wars baby names, and the Sequel Trilogy.


A Few Thoughts

Hey guys,

So I had a few things to talk about. The first thing I wanted to do was try and figure out actors who reprised their roles after a long period of time. I'm not sure if I found anyone who would have gone as long as 32 years but here are some that I found. Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges their roles in Tron: Legacy 28 years after Tron. Patrick Swayze reprised his role Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights 17 years after Dirty Dancing. Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen reprised their roles in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps 23 years after the original Wall Street. While only a voice, John Forsythe reprised his role as Charlie in the Charlie's Angels movie 19 years after the show ended in 1981. Sylvester Stallone reprised his role of John Rambo in Rambo 20 years after Rambo III. This is still in the works but according to IMDB, Eddie Murphy is set to reprise his role of Axel Foley in a planned Beverly Hills Cops television show 19 years after Beverly Hills Cop III. Also, there is this link of actors who reprised iconic roles for commercials.

So, the holiday season is upon us and I saw this Christmas ornament at Hallmark and thought of you. My question to you is this. When I see these kinds of Christmas ornaments, I am reminded of the theme to A Charlie Brown Christmas of how the holiday has become very commercialized. Personally, I find these ornaments rather cool but I wanted your take on these kinds of ornaments as opposed to the more traditional ornaments. Also, I'm not sure if you ever talked about this before but what was your most favorite gift you got during the holidays? I remember mine. It was one of the very first Hanukkahs that I can remember. I got the original Millennium Falcon toy. I was so excited to get this and pretend it was flying around the galaxy. Those were good times.

As for the sequel movies, I can't wait. When you look at the six current movies, I believe it's just the perfect story, with Return of the Jedi really being a perfect ending. Having said that, I can't wait to see where it goes from there and what characters might be introduced into the next trilogy while it's fun to speculate and guess about what's going to happen, I just look forward to all of the news and updates about this very exciting project and I can't wait to see these new movies as well as see the older ones in 3D.

Well, May the Force Be With you.

-Jamie Dunst


Sequel Trilogy Speculation

Hey guys,

Regarding your discussion on the Thanksgiving show about how having the Sith return in the Sequels would diminish or negate the prophesy of the Chosen One...How can we know? In the Prequels, all they ever did was talk around the prophesy but we never heard it word for word. I actually think it'll come back in this new series to some extent. We may actually hear all of it but, for now, all we really know is that the prophesy speaks of a chosen one that will bring balance to the force. Since The Phantom Menace, at the first mention of a prophesy, a friend of mine and I have been batting around the theory that the force was out of balance because there were too many Jedi and part of the fulfillment of Anakin's journey was to not only destroy the Sith but also pare down the Jedi themselves. Perhaps the force is only in balance when it's not taking sides (good OR evil).

Perhaps it's just supposed to be about harmony with all and not about "users." The books and novels went on to set up a new Jedi order but as far as the films go, at the end, all that was left was a poorly trained Jedi and his untrained sister and the Empire was overthrown. I just looked at the prophesy as more of a reset switch. Once it's flipped, everything starts over. Free will reigns and good and evil will, inevitably, continue to struggle against evil. I always thought there was a nice bit of symmetry there. Twins. One boy, one girl. One trained, one not. Seemed like a nice capper.

What I hope will happen is that George will again change the way we view the series. Could we pick up 40 years later and there's no Jedi at all? Or 80 years later and everyone we know is dead? We need to check our expectations for this series. George has never been one to go with "as expected". We started our prequels with a 10 year old boy and a Jedi Master nobody had ever heard of. I'd put money down that we're in for something as unexpected and interesting as that.

Everyone has jumped into the assumption that it's going to be a reunion "Han/Luke/Leia" trilogy. I'm pretty sure that Disney wasn't buying a senior-year saga. They want the future of the series, not the past. I'm thinking if they're in there at all, it'll probably be in much more of a cameo mode, especially for Han and Leia. Luke's role will probably be more like that of Sir Alec Guinness. (And he never made it out of the first film alive. Hmmm...) As for Palpatine? Personally, I'd love it, because that's the "BIGGEST BAD" of the series and I'd hate to see them fall into the trap of trying to "out-Emperor themselves" or "out-Vader themselves". As Jimmy Mac mentioned, that seems to be the trap of the EU. There's a tendency to be derivative there. Don't forget, they're working on a trilogy outline from George himself. Expect the unexpected.

--Wayne Barnes


Nostalgia For Old Toys

Hi Jason and Jimmy!

Yesterday was my 27th birthday and my mom had one hell of a surprise for me! She gave me an old box of Star Wars toys that I haven't seen for years. Unfortunately they VERY well played with, and many pieces are missing. But that isn't stopping my kids from having a blast playing with them! You can see that most were from the Special Edition era of toys, with a little Episode I thrown in. (There was a Darth Maul before the picture was taken, but its already misplaced...) I grew out of the toys around the time The Phantom Menace came out. I really wish I had more.

This is nothing compared to what I had when I was a kid, and my mom thinks there are more in the attic. But some of my favorites are in here, particularly Dash Rendar's ship (who's name escapes me at the moment) and the Yavin Base Micro Machines set.

Playing with these makes me realize that the stuff from the 90s is better quality than what we get today. Of course I have limited experience because my kids are still very young, but they seem more flimsy now. That and I really miss the Micro Machines ships and sets.

-Michael Purdy


Giving Kids Star Wars Names

Hey Jason and Jimmy,

After listening to the stories about kids having Star Wars names I decided to share with you my story. We have two boys and both of them have names from Star Wars characters. Just not the ones you would expect.

The first one is called Cody and believe it or not this was not intentionally a Star Wars reference. We got the name elsewhere, but later I learned of Commander Cody and you can imagine my reaction. I got a Star Wars name by my wife without her knowing. I did tell her of course, which amused her.

The second boy is called Owen and this time there was some intent from my end. We both liked the name a lot and of course I was fully aware of the Uncle Owen reference, though my wife wasn't. We gave him three names (a tradition) and the third is actually Luke. After we officially named Owen I did tell my wife about the reference. Which once again didn't really surprise her.

So you see you can get your Star Wars names by the wife without too much trouble. You just have to choose something other than Han, Leia, Lando, or Chewie. There you have it, my story.

It was great meeting you guys at CVI and am looking forward to many more years of Star Wars fandom. The Force will be with you... always.

Matt from Phoenix, AZ


Thanks to all of this week's mailbag contributors! Keep your emails coming to forcecast@forcecast.net.

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