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Daniel Logan Visits The ForceCast Live Chat Room

Posted by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on April 29, 2010 at 03:41 PM CST


You never know what might happen in our live chat room! Last week during the ForceCast Live, Boba Fett himself, Daniel Logan, visited ForceCast listeners in our live chat room to talk Star Wars and answer questions. Listen to our exclusive interview with Daniel at C2E2 on The Weekly ForceCast: April 23rd and join us for The ForceCast Live every Tuesday night at 8pm Eastern.

Check out highlights from Daniel Logan's visit to The ForceCast Live chat room with this transcript:

Daniel_Logan: hello
LadyVader66: daniel!
Commander_Zasso: Is this the real daniel!?
LadyVader66: Is Boba Fett really in the chat with us?
ericbskywalker: It's Daniel. He interacts with fans because he's awesome like that! Like Kyle Newman
Enochtemp: "Boba Fett? Boba Fett?!"
KudarMubat: Boba Fett? BOBA FETT?! Where?
Jediaaronb1: Wait did I just see Daniel Logan?
darth_joe27: No way...no way! DL is in here tonight?!
Commander_Zasso: I'm going to have a heart attack!
erier2003: This is like breaking news on the ForceCast chat right here.
KudarMubat: Daniel! The man!
KotORBF2Revan: Alloo Daniel! *e-hugs*
CadBaneFan: Hey Daniel, welcome to the chat!
Enochtemp: God it looks like Daniel. Must be the clouds in my eyes.
gryphon_ghost: Welcome to the chat Daniel!
Commander_Zasso: Daniel, thanks so much for dropping by to hang with us!
ericbskywalker: Hmm... Most likely it is him. He talked to Jason and Jimmy at C2E2 and his twitter handle is the same thing as the chat handle
Daniel_Logan: no problem
LadyVader66: I love the Forcecast, you never know what's gonna happen next
darth_joe27: Holy crap. Thank you so much for being here Daniel. Holy cow...
KudarMubat: Oh my god! I saw you in Calgary in 2008, I'm such a huge fan!
Daniel_Logan: just got an email from Jimmy Mac and thought i would stop in and say hello!
KenobiFan: Hey Daniel welcome to the chat.
Commander_Zasso: I saw you at wondercon dan!!
LadyVader66: we're glad you did!
Murray1134: nice of you to drop by Daniel
kermmitthefrog: can't wait to see you at CV
CadBaneFan: Hey Daniel!
cenobite000: Hi Daniel
Daniel_Logan: My pleasure
ChrisWyman: Welcome, Daniel.
KudarMubat: I've been in love with Boba Fett since I was three. I'm...I'm...oh my god, I sound ridiculous.
JarJarJedi: Hey Daniel! Nice to "see" you again!
grievousfan91: Hello Daniel Logan! Good to have you here!
Daniel_Logan: I will pop in from time to time during the night
darth_joe27: (Laughs) I'm so Nerding out here. Daniel freaking Logan...
j8_b7: Hey Daniel Welcome!!!
erier2003: Group hat tip to Daniel Logan for being the good kind of celebrity
darth_joe27: DL rocks!
KotORBF2Revan: hat tip
Commander_Zasso: tipping hat
CadBaneFan: Hat tip
darth_joe27: hat tip
Elitex22: I dont have a hat :/ :P
Daniel_Logan: give you all a hat tip back!
Daniel_Logan: Without you guys, this all would not be possible!

erier2003: without you, Boba Fett would be mute in AOTC :)
erier2003: that would make it hard to tell your dad that Taun We is here
darth_joe27: Thanks for helping make Boba so insanely Awesome, Daniel
Commander_Zasso: Dan, you are the greatest!!!!
shazbazzar-1: Without DL, we wouldn't be so anxious about this Friday night!
Daniel_Logan: I am proud to be a small part in all that is Boba
Sithtaijin: cant wait for your debut in the clone wars!!
Draider: DL If you haven't noticed you have a couple of fans around here ;)
Daniel_Logan: I know, I cannot wait until friday either
Trooperrex: Forget Jaster Mereel!! Boba is a clone, Lucas said so. Want proof? Ask the guy we have here tonight! LOL
KudarMubat: I saw the episode early, Daniel. You were FANTASTIC.
Enochtemp: When you grow up, you're gonna lose your job to Dee Bradley Baker, you know that :p
Daniel_Logan: thanks, glad you liked it
Commander_Zasso: I would say your a big part of the character dan! without you there would be no boba in the CW
Daniel_Logan: the next 2 are great!
Jediaaronb1: Daniel I can't remember.. You coming to Star Wars weekends?
Daniel_Logan: I will be attending the first star wars weekend
Commander_Zasso: THIS IS THE BEST FC EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel_Logan: I think the 21st of may
Commander_Zasso: Dan, do you have a fan mail address?
Daniel_Logan: Isnt that that actual 30th anniversary of Empire?
erier2003: Daniel, I believe so
CadBaneFan: Boba Fett rocks!
Trooperrex: Favorite part Daniel (spoiler!), was when Boba stunned the lookalike of his father and blew up the ship's core!
CadBaneFan: You are the man Daniel Logan!
LadyVader66: *swoons*
Daniel_Logan: I do. you can send fan mail 1100 Irvine Blvd. #66, Tustin, CA 92780
Murray1134: All the Fetts are great guys.. Jeremy, Tem, and Daniel :)
JGilliland_art: Hey Daniel!
KudarMubat: *screams like a little girl*
StonyAwacs: That The Real Daniel?
erier2003: I like to imagine that Daniel is wearing the armor and typing with the end of his blaster. But I could be wrong.
Sithtaijin: 1st time I jumped in and we got Boba Fett!! woot!!
Trooperrex: My fingers are crossed that Boba will step up against the Death Watch!!!
EndorAccountant: FYI : I saw Daniel Logan in L. A. not long after AOTC. I should have said hello but I was too star struck
Daniel_Logan: well say hello next time you see me! dont be shy
EndorAccountant: Cool! I will!
Commander_Zasso: Dan, my little brother says hi
Daniel_Logan: say hi back for me
Murray1134: I saw Carrie Fisher briefly at C4
Daniel_Logan: Carrie is cool!
Jediaaronb1: How big was her autograph.. Size wise.
Jediaaronb1: Did it take half the page
Daniel_Logan: very big autograph
JarJarJedi: I saw Carrie in a panel at C3
darth_joe2 : Was that the first time you met her?
Daniel_Logan: she signed my forehead!
KotORBF2Revan: Haha nice, Daniel!
Rickykrk: I have seen some of her autographs. They appear to be big indeed.
Jedishua: Welcome to the Craziness that is the ForceCast Daniel!
Daniel_Logan: i met her maybe 5-6 years ago
KudarMubat: Somebody pinch me. In all my 16 years of Boba-obsession, Daniel_Logan: i popped my head in behind her curtain and gave her a fright.
cenobite000: have you ever met Billie D Daniel?
Daniel_Logan: yes, i have met billy d
Daniel_Logan: he is a cool guy

Rickykrk: Billy Dee is cool for sure.
Ericbskywalker: Hmm. Dan you should change the chat to a theforce.net live chat. That way people without twitter can talk to you.
Daniel_Logan: did not know theforce.net had a live chat
j8_b7: Hey Daniel are you going to celebration v?
Daniel_Logan: i believe i will be at CV, but no confirmation yet
Daniel_Logan: as soon as they invite me, i will post on my twitter and facebook

KudarMubat: Daniel, you got to live out my dream. I salute you.
Daniel_Logan: thanks, it has been a dream for me too!
darth_joe27: @Daniel_Logan: Don't know if this has already been asked, but, what was it like stepping back into Bobas shoes first day of voice work?
Daniel_Logan: i was nervous at first, but that went away very quicky
Daniel_Logan: Dave and the rest of the cast made me so comfortable

StonyAwacs: Hey Daniel, Is Temuera Morrison As Cool As He Looks?
Daniel_Logan: Tem is even cooler!
Trooperrex: Daniel, Is it safe to assume that you learned from Dee Bradley Baker, considering the number of mini-Jangos you played?
Daniel_Logan: Dee was a big help to me
erier2003: Daniel, I heard you and Temuera had a lot of funny moments on set. Is that true?
Daniel_Logan: Love him
shazbazzar-1: Daniel, Tem, and Jeremy all at SW Weekends at once! WoW
Daniel_Logan: Tem has a great sense of humor
Trooperrex: Great to hear, thanks
Daniel_Logan: i hope he will be at CV as well
LadyVader66: I'd love to meet Tem someday
LeighUK: Hiya Daniel :) May I ask you, how did you find working on a a set that was basically just green screen? did you find it challenging?
Daniel_Logan Tem will be with me at Star Wars Weekends along will Dee
fyffe77: wow daniel logan is online
Jediaaronb1: Daniel.. what other movies have you been in that I can rent or own?
Daniel_Logan: i loved working on green screen
Daniel_Logan: gave me a chance to really play and use my imagination

dude984: I gotta say Daniel, I've seen "Death Trap" and you did a fantastic job.
erier2003: I actually think green screen is an opportunity to show your acting abilities in a way that you aren't asked to do when working with real sets
Daniel_Logan: when i watched the film, it was like seeing it for the first time
Eddie509: wow! thats so cool! daniel logan on the chat!?!?!?!
Daniel_Logan: however, the apartment Jango & Boba lived in was pretty much all there
KudarMubat: Jango and Boba had a swanky pad.
Enochtemp: That apartment was too small!
Daniel_Logan: yep, except Jango was a bit messy leaving his armor on the floor
Daniel_Logan: and I had to go clean up after him
Eddie509 hey daniel, were you considered to appear in revenge of the sith? as a cameo perhaps/
Daniel_Logan: as far as ROTS, I have seen some preproduction art with boba, but dont think it ever got past that stage
Commander_Zasso: i'll say it now i'll say it again, Daniel is the Daniel_Logan: Thanks Zasso
Ericbskywalker: Daniel: Were you surprised when Samuel L Jackson decapitated your character's father?
Daniel_Logan: Well, it was in the script, but seeing the decapitation on film was a bit shocking
Daniel_Logan: but it set up that great scene of Boba picking up the helmet
Trooperrex: How can we forget when you were looking down on the helmet?
erier2003: Iconic shot
Enochtemp: Where was the head? LOL
Daniel_Logan: the head did fall out before Boba picked it up
Enochtemp: I've heard that the CGI artists crafted the shot so that the helmet & head went in different directions, but it was real subtle
Daniel_Logan: look at the video again and you can see it fall out in shadow
erier2003: Daniel, did you take the head as well as the helmet?
Daniel_Logan: nope, just the helmet, no head
StonyAwacs: Daniel, Have You Ever Put On Replica Boba Fett Armor Or Clone Armor?
Daniel_Logan: I did put in some armor about 5 years ago at DragonCon
Daniel_Logan: I think there are pictures on the net

Trooperrex: Who better for a mentor than Aurra Sing?
Daniel_Logan: Aurra is cool!
Daniel_Logan: Jaime is perfect for it

Ericbskywalker: Jaime and Daniel are a great team. That trailer still blows me away whenever I see it.
dude984: Poor Daniel, comin' to hang out and he's assaulted
darth_joe27: You guys are likely making Daniel's head spin with your questions...give him some breathing room you heathens = P
Daniel_Logan: i dont mind the questions
Jediaaronb1: Daniel, How old were you when you filmed The Legend of Johnny Lingo. What is that film about?
Daniel_Logan: Lingo was just after Star Wars
Daniel_Logan: maybe 9 years ago
Daniel_Logan: it is a story about the south pacific islanders

Jediaaronb1: Is that on DVD?
Jediaaronb1: I would love to see it
Daniel_Logan: yes, on DVD
Daniel_Logan: i think from MGM here in the US
Daniel_Logan a funny fact about Johnny Lingo, Bodie Taylor plays the older version of me in it too!

Erier2003: Daniel, any chance you and Temuera can team up again for "Meet the Fetts"? I think SW needs a family sitcom
shazbazzar-1: @Daniel_Logan: My son Luke wants me to tell you he has the same birthday as you.
Daniel_Logan: say happy birthday to Luke on June 6
Enochtemp: So how do you feel (retroactively) being part of the Star Wars Holiday Special?
Daniel_Logan: Who can't love the Holiday Special? Bea Arthur, Harvey Corman, disco and more!
Commander_Zasso: daniel are you coming back to sacramento soon?
Daniel_Logan: if i am invited, i would come back to Sacramento
Ericbskywalker: Daniel that's where I disagree with you... Holiday Special = only good parts were the Fett cartoon, and the Han Solo scenes
Daniel_Logan> well, whenever Fett is involved, that is always the best part! :)
erier2003: Daniel, if you did end up in the live-action series, would you do the jetpack stunts yourself?
Daniel_Logan: i would LOVE to fly a jet pack!!!!!
StonyAwacs: Hey Daniel, One Last Critical Question......... X-Box 360 Or PS3?
Daniel_Logan: PS3 now
Jediaaronb1 Daniel, any movies, other then Star Wars,that you are making at the moment?
Daniel_Logan: at the moment, no, but I am looking at something that i hope gets developed
Daniel_Logan: it will be fun! If it happens

Ericbskywalker: Daniel: How were you contacted about revisiting Boba Fett in Clone Wars?
Daniel_Logan: I was in Vegas and I received a call from Lucasfilm asking if I wanted to come back as Boba
Commander_Zasso: Daniel, what is Samuel L Jackson like?
Daniel_Logan: Mr. Jackson is a cool guy
Daniel_Logan: I remember he had the SWAT script on set and I thumbed through it and asked if he could get me a part in it

erier2003: Daniel, I always said that SWAT needed more bounty hunters.
Daniel_Logan: I am sure bounty hunters could help out the SWAT team
Trooperrex: Dan, Did you know that bounty hunting is actually legal in the States?
Daniel_Logan: maybe I should see if i can do a guest appearance on one of those bounty hunter shows
Jneff: Dog the Bounty Hunter, guest starring Daniel Logan as Boba Fett
Daniel_Logan: hmm, what kind of body armor to wear? :)
Trooperrex: Dan, you have any thoughts on the Robot Chicken Boba Fett jokes? PURPLE RAIN!
Daniel_Logan: I thought all the boba robot chicken jokes were great
KudarMubat: Yes! Daniel has taste.
Trooperrex: Does that mean Dan that you would slash up Ewoks, just Daniel_Logan: I am afraid there would be less ewoks if i had a light saber to play with
Ericbskywalker: Daniel what you just said about ewoks. Is further proof of your badassery
Daniel_Logan: well guys, thanks for all the fun. I will try to stop back in a bit
erier2003: Thanks Daniel!
Murray1134: thanks for stopping by Daniel
shazbazzar-1: Thanks Daniel!
LadyVader66: thanks Daniel, we appreciate it!
KudarMubat: it's been too cool, Fettman.
All_seeing_Eye: come again!
gryphon_ghost: thanks for joining us!
DarthPortal: bye Daniel!
KotORBF2Revan: Thanks for your time Daniel. :)
Daniel_Logan: have fun listening, hope my interview does not make me sound like a dope! :)
Ericbskywalker: See ya Daniel. I look forward to meeting you in the future
cenobite000: thanks for chatting with us Daniel
KudarMubat: Such an honour.
Kermmitthefrog: thanks for stopping by Daniel
Commander_Zasso: okay, it really made my week! thanks daniel!
Daniel_Logan: thank you everyone
Hijoxizmo: Daniel Rocks!
Spaghetticake: Bye Daniel! You rock!!
shazbazzar-1: Fett lives!
Daniel_Logan: be sure to join me on twitter this friday after the airings of The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network
Daniel_Logan: http://twitter.com/Daniel_Logan
Daniel_Logan: take care!

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